The internet and the ‘world system’ have had a profound impact upon the world in a variety of ways, including human sexuality. Sexuality has been taken to an entirely new level on the internet, some good and some bad. Society has blurred the lines and there are far more than 50 shades of gray in areas when it comes to sexuality. Today, I would like to remove all the gray and bring precise clarity to this topic. Today, I want to clarify godly standards of sexuality.

First, we need to understand that sex is an exceptionally good thing, but sex with multiple partners is not. Flirting is also an exceptionally good thing, when you are flirting with one person that you are interested in. Flirting with multiple people is not. Sending a nude photo to your partner (not someone you just met), I believe, is a good thing. It is a fun way of telling your partner, you love them, are sexually attracted to them, and that you want them sexually. It keeps the ‘spice’ alive in your relationship…but sending a nude photo to anyone and everyone is not, especially when you are doing it for money.

The way I understand it, there are basically two kinds of women in the world: Whores and Queens.


Whores are low class. They sell their body for money. They exchange sex for cash. They also exchange nude photos for cash. Because of how the system has isolated people, men are particularly lonely, and attractive young women have learned to sell themselves online in a variety of venues for money. They sell sexual connections online in exchange for reality. It’s a cheap form of prostitution without STD’s.

Some of these women exchange virtual sex for money. Some women make an extremely good living doing it…but this is the mindset of a whore. A whore always has, and always will, use her body, nudeness, or sex to make money. The sex can be virtual or real. A woman who is a whore will have sex with, or sell her body, whether virtual or real, to anyone, at anytime for cash. Whores will also tease men with nude photos, or nude videos, in exchange for money. This is the mindset of a whore: sex or nudeness, whether virtual or real, in exchange for money.

Whores have a quick fix mentality. They want quick, easy, cash. They sell a drug (sex) to men who need a fix. Whores don't typically think long term as they don't comprehend true monogomy or relational commitment. Whores have a short term mindset. "I'll be here for 15-30 minutes giving this guy what he wants in exchange for what I" Whores use men and men use whores. There is no genuine love in a relationship like this.

The very term ‘whore’ is offensive…as is the lifestyle of a whore. So offensive is this lifestyle to God, that Revelation 3 gives a stark warning to a church in Laodicea who is acting like a whore…and God warns them to repent lest He spit them out of His mouth. 3:18 says this: "I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see."

Proverbs also gives strict warnings to men who are trapped by whores…and warns them to not even go close to their house. 

The Bible also makes it clear that the love of money is a root of many forms of evil. When you are willing to violate Biblical godly standards to make money, it proves that you love money more than God and according to scripture, you are God’s enemy. Therefore, the mindset of a whore: sex for money, is offensive to God. Sex was created by God to be shared in a monogamous relationship between two people who are in love. The Devil has twisted God’s design for love and has created an entire multibillion-dollar industry where sex is sold for money...and contrary to popular opinion, the end does not justify the means. 


Queens are high class. They sell a product or service. They might sell a song, or a piece of artwork that they have made. Queens might sell a product they have created to benefit humanity. Queens can also sell sex appeal, but not sex itself. Ultimately, Queens sell their mind, their heart, and their soul.

Queens are sexy. They know how to dress sexy, look sexy, and act sexy, but they are doing it for one man, their man. Queens can even be kinky…but their kinky side is reserved for only her man. Queens are ladies. They are classy. Queens can even act like a whore in the bedroom…but for only one man, her man. In fact, many men I have spoken with, want this kind of woman…a lady on the street but a freak between the sheets.

Queens flirt, tease, and are extremely sexual, but with ONLY ONE MAN. You will not find a Queen lurking on promiscuous websites attempting to lure unsuspecting strangers for money in exchange for sexual favors. Queens have self-respect.


Queens can be models. They can be a bikini or lingerie model. These types of Queens often sell sex appeal. There is major difference between selling sex appeal and selling sex itself. A woman who sells sex appeal knows how to flirt, tease, and be sexy, but she doesn't strip off her clothes to sell herself. Remember, if she is a model, she might wear appealing or even seductive lingerie, etc. but she never reveals her sacred places online. She has self-respect therefore, she keeps her clothes on in public, even though she may appear extremely flirtatous and sexy.

A King wants a Queen who acts like a whore, but with only him. Most men want a sexual woman, but she knows how to reserve her sexuality 100% for him. A true King protects his woman’s self-respect and will not allow her to post anything or do anything publicly that degrades him or her.  A King does not allow his woman to post sexual content online for the whole world to observe. Sexual content is reserved strictly between two lovers and their two phones and is not an open invitation for everyone in the world to view. A man who allows or encourages his woman to do this, is not a King, but rather a pimp. A King protects the dignity and self-respect of his woman. A true King wants a true Queen.

Ultimately, a woman who chooses to become a Queen, wins, because she has chosen the harder path. Queens understand relational commitment. Queens don't think short term, but rather long term.  They are in a relationship for the duration. Becoming a Queen take patience and persistence, but with time, hard work, and a lot of love. Queens are happy because they don't flaunt their birthday suit. Queens become extremely wealthy. A Queen's wealth is not accumulated by selling short term sex, but rather created by the love between her and her spouse.

So, the next time you want to understand the difference between a whore and a Queen, remember this simple formula: a whore sells her body….and a Queen sells her heart and soul. A whore sells sex for money…and a Queen reserves sex for love.

ツ DR

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