Hearts were not designed to be prisoners. Hearts were created to be free, but the number one enemy to freedom is fear. Fear is the worst kind of enemy. Why? Because it is invisible. It traps your mind and your heart in an unseen prison. Fear creates mental barriers. It keeps you from taking risks. Fear says, “You can only walk down this isle in a specific direction.” “Follow the crowd.” “Don’t make noise.” “Obey the rules.”

Fear equals control. The world system around you is attempting to control you and its biggest weapon is fear. Fear keeps people shortsighted. Fear keeps you from seeing ‘the bigger picture.’ Fear keeps you trapped in the moment. It keeps you stuck in your worst Groundhog Day and it desires to keep you repeating the same day over and over.

So, how does one conquer fear?

Ultimately, the answer to that question is love. Love casts out all fear. Love makes you bold. Love causes you to take risks. Love expands the heart and mind to new possibilities; new potential. Love tears down walls and barriers. Love makes noise…lots of it. Love ultimately make you brave.

The Bible says, “God is love.” In other words, where love abides, God dwells. Love (God) breaks your free from your worst Groundhog Day and forces you to dream again. Love opens mental and emotional roadblocks and forces you to explore new hopes and possibilities. Love reaches down into the recesses of your heart and searches for your deepest longings, and deepest desires and bids you to follow in order to make them come true.

Fear attempts to keep you confined by time and circumstances. Love is outside of time….as God is eternal. Fear keeps you seeing only what is right in front of you. Love clarifies your vision and allows you to see as God sees. Fear is finite. God is infinite…timeless. God sees the end from the beginning and He bids you to join Him to come up to His level of thinking…of seeing. God sees your whole life from conception to death and into eternity. God knows your potential and He enters into time…into this very moment where you are bound by fear and He bids you to join Him. Love whispers your name and bids you to join Him.

Fear traps you into seeing only a picture: a few snapshots. Love sees your whole story. Love speaks to you based upon your whole heart....not merely pieces. Love desires to turn your story into reality. But how? Be bold. Brave. Take risks. Listen to the child inside your heart…listen to the voice inside of you that dreams, hopes, aspires, and desires. That is love. That is God. That is courage. It is your adventure calling you. That is who you are. That is who you were created to become. It is the real you.

Now, you have a choice. Shrink back and live in fear. Stay stuck in the moment…tik tok, tik tok…or break free into love…into eternity. Join the eternal and live beyond the confines of time. Become love. Live bold. Live free.

ツ DR